Our mission is to strengthen the community by empowering women. We provide market access to the produce of the valley. This includes wild as well as cultivated organic produce along with handicrafts and handlooms.
Tribals, especially women are encouraged to participate and showcase their products in various state and national level fairs and exhibitions. Pangi hills support them at every step starting right from training them in organic farming methods, collection of wild products, packaging, transporting, selling and exhibiting. There are no middlemen involved at any step. Hence the profit lands in the pockets of the tribal community. We are working at grass root level to bring about positive change in the community.
An important by product of all these activities is a building up of self confidence in these women to achieve higher in life.


Pangi Hills is driven by the vision to transform the tribal community into empowered, self sustained, flourishing, poverty free, well educated and established community in all aspects.An important by product of all these activities is a building up of self confidence in these women to achieve higher in life.

Pangihills is focussed on holistic development of indigenous communities by harnessing the available natural resources, timeless tribal art and culture, time trusted organic farming techniques and thus help create a sustainable livelihood for them. Working with the vision of supporting these communities not only help in strengthened them but also help us in building healthy and safe planet through an organic way of life. In this endeavour we are working as a family with tribal community and maintaining a transparency in the system to benefit them as well as our consumers.


Inspiring Organic way of life

Promoting reliable organic and natural products, which inspires to lead a more conscious life and revive the Mother Nature.

Value Addition

Value addition of locally available resources has been promoted to raise socioeconomic standards of unprivileged communities.

Wider Market linkage

Providing a genuine global marketplace, eliminating the role of middleman and bring the tribal community, especially women in forefront.

Generating Sustainable livelihoods

Focussed on providing sustainable livelihoods to tribal community and giving them a sense of accomplishment and pride.